Our Brand

A Promise of Quality

In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly looking for easy, fast and convenient ways to satiate their appetite.

Here at HSL, we’ve created the perfect solution to the rising demand for good, convenient and affordable foods. We are proud to offer our series of ready-to-use curry and sambal pastes and soup concentrates under the brand name Mama’s Delight to introduce the authentic flavours of Asia using spices and ingredients of the highest quality.

Curry Paste Series

Our perfect blend of authentic and aromatic ready-made curry pastes is guaranteed to spice up your meals.

Sambal Tumis

Indian Curry Paste

Nyonya Curry Paste

Malaysian Curry Paste

Sambal Paste Series

Our spicy blend of chilli and shrimp paste can be added to your meal or served separately to give you the ultimate oomph!

Tiny Shrimp Sambal

Tiny Shrimp Sambal

Extra Spicy
Tiny Shrimp Sambal

Soup Concentrate Series

The pervasive aroma of our rich and mouth-watering soup concentrates, so tantalizing you can’t wait to taste them.

Curry Mee

Prawn Mee

Ipoh Hor Fun

Asam Laksa